Snapshots of a February Afternoon

February is a very bleak month. Now in the heart of the winter season, the bitter cold weather has cast a silent hush across the land. Everything seems to have a dull gray hue around it and the chill seems to emanate the feelings of loneliness. As I write this post I am longing for spring. I want to feel the warm sunshine on my skin and see the radiant colors of life all around again.

But that does not mean we should idly sit back and let the winter pass us by without reaping the benefits that can be found during this frigid month of the year. Have you noticed all of the beauty that can be found in nature during the month of February? While life may not seem to be thriving, there is still beauty in the bleakness. God’s beautiful creation is present throughout every season, sometimes you just have to look a little closer to see and appreciate it.

So here are a few snapshots from my bleak February afternoon. I spent Sunday at my grandmother’s house and decided to document my afternoon through pictures. Look closely, I promise there is beauty to be found in this season.


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