College Life – Sunsets, Basketball and Hall Meeting

These are just a few pictures I took of the various things I did on Tuesday. There is never a dull moment on the campus of my school, Liberty University. In the future, I will be sharing more stories and pictures of my college experience.

I spent the majority of the afternoon studying in the Jerry Falwell Library (check out some pictures of the library on my boyfriend’s blog). I was studying biology when the beautiful sunset gleaming through the large glass windows of the library caught my attention. Naturally I chose to put down my biology textbook, and pick up my camera to go take some pictures from the terrace. Lynchburg, Virginia really does have some of the most colorful sunsets.

I took a study break and went to the Liberty Flames men’s basketball game. My boyfriend works for the Athletic Facilities department and tonight he was in charge of doing the flame effects (for more on his job, check out this blog post). So I was able to sit with him and get some pictures of the basketball game. The animals in the pictures are the Zooperstars, who performed for the half-time show.

My Tuesday ended with a Valentine’s Day themed hall meeting. There was a quirky photo booth set up, so my roommates and I decided to take advantage of it. Throughout the semester, my hall usually has several different themed hall meetings. Last week we had a Black and White themed hall meeting where everyone dressed up and last year we had toga and gangster themed hall meetings. I will definitely post more themed hall meeting pictures in the future!


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