Pinhole Photography

I am currently taking a Conceptual/Fine Art Photography class At Liberty University this semester. It is different from any of the photography classes that I have taken thus far in that I have a little more free reign in the pictures that I take. Instead of being told specifically what to take pictures of and how many pictures to take, my professor has given us an assignment, such as pinhole photography, and then we use that method of photography to take pictures of whatever we want and whatever speaks to us. I find this way much more creative and enjoyable.

The first assignment that was assigned in this class was pinhole photography. Instead of using the traditional film version of pinhole photography, my professor had us use our DSLR cameras for this assignment. My professor took the body caps from our DSLR cameras and drilled a hole through them. We then took a piece of metal and poked a tiny hole through it and attached it to the body cap. After putting the body caps back on our cameras, we were ready to experiment with pinhole photography. This is what my body cap ended up looking like.

Inside of the body cap
Outside of the body cap

The finished product

My professor drilled the hole in my body cap and also cut the metal for me and my classmates, so I don’t have hands on experience with that. But if you want a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own pinhole camera body cap, then check out this blog post from How-To Geek.

These are a few of the pinhole pictures I ended taking for my class.

Pinhole photography is so unique and creative, I definitely recommend giving it a shot! I will be posting more of my photography projects from class in the future, so keep an eye out for them.


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