The Music and Rhythm of Home

The Music and Rhythm of Home written Dec. 2012

There is a certain theme song that every home has, each one is different and unique in it’s own sound. Most of the time we all tune out the song, thinking that it is nothing more than annoying background noise. But when we actually take the time to stop and listen, we discover the sounds that we have come to know and love; the sounds that bring us security and comfort; the sounds of home.

I especially notice these sounds when I come home for a break after I have been away at college for a few months. The sounds of my dorm room and the sounds of home are quite different in every manner. The sounds that make up the theme song of my house start with tires slowly crunching on the rocks of our red dirt drive way. Then there are the sounds of the animals outside; the hunting dogs begin to bark with excitement; the chickens cluck and crow and there is always a cat or two at the door waiting to be fed. The sound of a car pulling up and a squeaky back door opening announces the arrival of someone. And depending on the tone of Rocky’s (our pomeranian) bark, I can tell if it is dad that is home from work or merely just a visitor.

It is very rare that the theme song ceases to play, for there is hardly ever a dull or quiet moment. There is always my siblings’ voices to be heard, whether in play or argument. And one of the guitars can usually be heard being strummed away. Still, on other days the piano can be heard with it’s lovely melodies floating so sweetly through the air. I can hear mom washing dishes in the kitchen, the low hum of the tv, a video game being played in another room. A cricket chirping in the distance and sometimes if I open my window I can hear the spring frogs chirping outside. These are the sounds I have come to know and love, the music of my home.


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