Collage Photography

My most recent photo assignment in my Conceptual/Fine Art Photography class was to take multiple images and create a photo collage that conveyed a certain message. We had the freedom of choosing anything we wanted to do, so I chose something that I am passionate about, print journalism.

The message behind my collage was that print journalism is slowly dying and electronic versions are replacing the once beloved print copy of the newspaper. To create this collage, I used a combination of layering, feathering and different percentages of opacity in Photoshop CS6. I converted the pictures of the print newspapers to black and white and gave them a faded look to show that they are becoming a thing of the past. While the pictures of the electronic versions of the paper are vibrant with color and are not faded at all. The Apple logo is placed in the center of the collage to imply that we live in a world consumed by media and electronics.

Here is my artist statement for the collage:

This piece is about the evolution in the world of news and how print news has slowly begun to fade away. In the technologically advanced world we are living in, electronic versions of newspapers have become the preferred method of getting information. While print newspapers still exist, many newspapers have had to stop running because of the low demand in print versions of the news. Print newspapers now sit idly in newsstands, reminiscing about the days when everyone read the print version of the paper. While I appreciate all that technology has done for us, I think it is very important to keep print alive and remember our humble beginnings in the world of news.

These are a few of the in-process pictures I took for creating this collage.

And the final project.

Collage Project


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