Spring Break 2014 (Part 3) – Back to Virginia

Wednesday March 12 – I said goodbye to the nice sunny weather in Pittsburgh on Wednesday and welcomed the day of rain and melancholy. I honestly love rainy days, it creates the perfect atmosphere for drinking coffee, reading books, cuddling on the couch and watching movies. And that’s exactly how I spent my Wednesday. We did originally have plans to visit some museums in Pittsburgh, but due to the weather Brendan and I decided to sleep in and get some homework done at home. After dinner Brendan and I watched ‘Man of Steel’ with his family. It was a very nice, relaxing day.

Thursday March 13 – Brendan and I spent Thursday on the road traveling back to Virginia. We rented a car and left Brendan’s house around 10 a.m.. The six hour drive from Pittsburgh to my house isn’t so bad when I have my boyfriend, good music and a good book to help pass the time. We arrived at my house at 7:30 p.m., just in time to eat dinner with my family.

Friday March 14 – Brendan had to leave first thing in the morning to go back to Lynchburg to drop off the rental car and to work at a Liberty University baseball game. My parents were also up and gone bright and early. My older brother Chris was moving out of the house and into his new apartment in North Carolina, so my parents went with him to help him get settled in. It ended up just being me and my other three siblings left at home, so it was a relatively quiet day.

I took advantage of the peaceful morning and made my favorite breakfast: Egg whites and spinach on whole wheat toast with a nice big steaming cup of coffee! It was so nice to be able to cook again and to eat real, fresh food. I spent the day laying out in the sun reading. It was so nice to not feel rushed or pressured into doing homework.

Saturday March 15 – Well, Saturday was definitely an interesting day. After dinner, my family and I (and our dog Rocky) all went out to get ice cream together. Oh and by the way, I got glasses over spring break! Here I am rocking them for the first time in these pictures.

Earlier in the afternoon, my mom had noticed smoke over on one of the mountains near our house. We thought that it might just be somebody burning trash, but it turns out we were quite wrong. What started out as a little bit of smoke turned into a burning mountain of flames. By the time my family and I got back home, the mountain was engulfed in flames.

By the next morning firemen had put out the fire on Peavine Mountain. Thankfully nobody was hurt. I felt like a real photojournalist as I stood outside documenting the fire. This was the first time I have encountered a situation like this, and while it was scary, it was also exciting!

Sunday March 16 – Sunday morning my dad brought me and my brother Jon back to Liberty. I spent the afternoon unpacking and doing homework. And then to end a wonderful spring break, Brendan and I went to go see ‘Non-Stop’ at the movie theater.

Spring Break 2014 has definitely been the most exciting spring break for me so far! I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures and seeing some of the moments that I captured on camera.


2 thoughts on “Spring Break 2014 (Part 3) – Back to Virginia

  1. Hi, I’m here this week of the kids spring break, my grandson and granddaughter in Chantilly, VA which happily coincides with the Cherry Blossoms, forsythia explosion and tulips, hyacinths and flowering dogwoods’ stirring up things as well. My camera, a new Nikon Coolpix has gone through a pack of batteries till my son got me rechargeable ones yesterday. Loving your state, came from near Detroit, so your spring is here, ours, not so much! Cheers! Giving you a Promote!

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