Exploring the Hill City

Last Saturday (May 3) Brendan and I went on one last date before going home for the summer. We spent the day exploring Downtown Lynchburg and the local area and documenting our adventure through pictures.

First we went down to where the Depot Grille is located along the river to check out where the train derailment happened on Wednesday, April 30. There wasn’t much to see. There were still a few train cars that off the tracks, but the area had been cleaned up for the most part. After looking at the scene of the accident, we went to see the LOVE sculpture that is at the entrance to Percival Island. I had written an article about the sculpture back in February, but hadn’t had the chance to see it myself.

We then strolled around main street and went to the Farmer’s Market (where I tried lemon honey lavender goat cheese for the first time and it was excellent!), the White Hart Cafe and Scarlet’s Main Street Antique Mall. We also got to see the new beautifully painted pianos that now grace main street with artistic beauty. The pianos are a part of an initiative known as “Keys for the Hill City”. It was so lovely to walk down main street and hear the beautiful melodies that were being played by people passing by. I think it is a wonderful way to promote art and music and showcase the talent of the local people of Lynchburg. Brendan was able to play a couple of the pianos and put on a show for several people that were passing by.

I always take the little town of Lynchburg, Virginia for granted, but after exploring downtown and all of the awesome local shops, cafes and artwork around I have a deeper appreciation for this town.

Later in the afternoon, Brendan and I went to the Farm Basket and then the quaint little Bookshop on the Avenue. We went to an early dinner at Olive Garden and then decided to drive to Nelson County to visit my family and get some ice cream from the Dairy Isle. It was the perfect day and a wonderful last date of the school year!


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