Downtown Ocean City

After a gloomy day on Wednesday May 14, the sun came out and the weather was a bit warmer on Thursday (May 15). Brendan and I hadn’t gotten the chance to go out and really photograph anything in Ocean City yet, so we decided that it would be a lovely day for taking a stroll and exploring the area.

Brendan and I took a lovely walk which started from the beach house we were staying at on 18th street. We walked all the way down the boardwalk past the shops and then strolled down Asbury Avenue until we made our way back to the house again. We made a couple stops along the way; we had lunch at Manco & Manco and then I stopped at the Starbucks on Asbury Avenue for an afternoon pick-me-up.

I’m going to come right out and say that I am not the biggest fan of the beach (or at least I wasn’t). Visiting the beach is nice, but water doesn’t appeal to me very much and swimming is definitely not one of my strong points. But I never really thought of all of the other things there are to do near the beach and in the local area. I love exploring new places and visiting local shops and eateries and there was plenty of places to explore in Ocean City. The shops along Asbury Avenue are charming and I particularly enjoyed the two bookshops I visited.

During my week long stay with Brendan and his family in Ocean City, we got to taste some of the wonderful foods from the local eateries. A few of the places we visited include Manco & Manco (as I mentioned above), Monkey Bread, Sunrise Cafe and Bongo Grille. While these places are small, I love the cozy atmosphere of them. There’s just something appealing about small local shops and restaurants and chances are if I have a good experience when I visit one of these places there’s a good chance that I will come again. It’s not always about the merchandise or how good the food is, atmosphere and scenery play a big roll in my opinion. One thing that was a huge plus for me was that Bongo Grille has a separate menu of Vegan friendly foods! As a vegetarian, I sometimes have a hard time finding restaurants that have vegetarian/vegan friendly options (which also makes it difficult for the people I am eating with), so I was all for trying Bongo Grille for dinner when I read all the tasty foods on their vegan menu.

Another thing I adore about Ocean City is that most of the shops and restaurants are within walking and/or biking distance. To me, the idea of being able to wake up in the morning and take a bike ride down the boardwalk for some exercise and then ride over to a local cafe to get a bite for breakfast is absolutely lovely! Oh, and walks on the beach at night…I can’t forget to mention those. These are just a few of the things that have me re-thinking my opinion of life by the ocean. I don’t know how to put it into words…it’s just so charming. A romantic summer dream. After spending a week in Ocean City I really wasn’t ready to leave.

Anyway, here are a few photos from me and Brendan’s photo walk. Enjoy soaking in some of the local character!


3 thoughts on “Downtown Ocean City

  1. You definitely captured part of the essence of Ocean City in your photos. I am so glad you enjoyed Ocean City. It isn’t always easy to tell how much you are enjoying yourself, or not. Brendan was the quietest member of the family before we adopted you into ours.

    1. I had such a wonderful time and I am very thankful that I was invited to spend time with you and your family on vacation. I know I can be quiet sometimes, but I love spending time with you guys and I always enjoy myself 🙂

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