Exploring the Streets of Philadelphia

During my stay in Ocean City, New Jersey with Brendan and his family, we decided to make a trip to Philadelphia since it was only a little over an hour away. I had been to Philadelphia once before during the summer last year with Brendan and his family, but we were only there for a couple hours and I did not have time to leisurely wander the streets and explore the city. But during this trip I had the opportunity to wander the streets with Brendan and take some photos of this delightful city.

There was an event taking place in Philly that evening called Night Market Philadelphia. Here is a brief description of what the night market is according to visitphilly.com:

A popular series of outdoor street festivals, Night Market Philadelphia is a seasonal celebration of food, music and community held in the city’s vibrant neighborhoods.

Attracting thousands of visitors from around the region, the preeminent celebration of street food features dozens of the city’s best food trucks and restaurants along with live entertainment from local musicians, artists and more.

In 2013, Night Market hosted four wildly successful outings in Fairmount, West Oak Lane, South Street and Chinatown. This year will be just as phenomenal with Night Markets planned for Old City, West Oak Lane, Lancaster Avenue and Chinatown.

The Night Market was a beautiful array of local tastes and talents. I was feeling a bit picky with my food choices that night so I did not get much more than a taste of food from the market, but I was more than delighted to wander the streets with a cup of coffee in my hand and soak in the atmosphere. I love being an obscure observer in the crowded city streets. The streets were teeming with life; people of all different kinds strolled through the inner corners of the city while Amy Winehouse music swirled through the air and the aroma of freshly cooked local foods tickled my nose. To me, being surrounded by tall buildings was a refreshing change after living seaside for a few days. That may sound strange because I am sure most people find the sea more refreshing than the congested streets of the city, but being in the city makes me feel so alive. I do not know why, but it excites me to be surrounded by strangers in the city.

After leaving the Night Market, me Brendan and his family decided to drive over to the Philadelphia Art Museum. Brendan and I had never been to the museum before, so we ran up all of the stairs to the Art Museum like I am sure many first time visitors do. I grew up watching the ‘Rocky’ movies, so that was an exciting moment for me and it also gave me one more thing to scratch off my bucket list. Iconic stairs and Rocky statue aside, the parts of the Art Museum that I had never seen before were much more beautiful and impressive. I enjoyed walking around to the back side of the museum and seeing the scenery there. I would say that it was a very lovely evening spent in Philadelphia. I look forward to going back again someday.


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