Pittsburgh – A Different Side of the Golden Triangle

Ah Pittsburgh. It was so good to drive back into this beloved city once again. After leaving Ocean City, New Jersey, I came to spend a week in Pennsylvania with Brendan and his family at their house. I had no idea that I would have the opportunity to visit Pittsburgh as much as I have in the past year. This was my fourth time traveling to the Golden Triangle and I could not have been more pleased.

Since I have photographed the city of Pittsburgh several times before, I wanted to try to capture a different side of it. I particularly wanted to focus on the street life and details of the city. So here is what I ended up with.

Also, I’d like to point out one of the highlights from my day. Brendan and I wandered over to the fountain near PPG Plaza to sit down for a moment and do some people watching. People watching is one of my favorite pass times simply because human beings are so fascinating. As we stood taking in our surroundings, we saw a little girl approaching the fountain. This little girl was the most adorable girl with blonde bouncy curls and bright eyes. And I couldn’t help but smile as I watched the little girl run, jump, dance and flit about through the fountain as her mother stood by keeping a watchful eye on her. This little girl, so care free and happy, shared some of her joy with the people around her as they looked on with smiles on their faces. If only I could be more like this little girl and learn to dance and be joyful about the simple things in life. I also admired the mom’s patience as she watched her daughter playing in the water. She never yelled or fussed at the little girl, she simply watched her play and enjoy herself until it was time for them to leave. I want to be a fun and patient mom like that when I have my own children in the future.


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