Coming Home


I have been back home in Virginia for a week now. Last Sunday my parents came to pick me up and I had to leave Brendan and his family. After spending two weeks with a family and sharing with them the good times and the bad, you start to feel like you are a part of that family. Now, as nice as it is to come back home after a long adventure, it is hard to leave what has come to be your other home behind.  Brendan and I have had to say goodbye several times now and we had to spend last summer apart, so you would think that goodbyes are just an expected thing now. But the goodbyes have not gotten any easier; in fact, this was the hardest goodbye I have had to face.

I have come to realize that I am a restless person. I do not like being stuck at home for long periods of time. I would rather be out traveling and exploring new places. I have this wanderlust and I want to  travel as much as possible and see as much of the world as I can while I am young. So, coming home was really the last thing that I wanted to do. Do not get me wrong, I love my family and my pets and spending time with them, but my restless spirit wants to soar. My problem is that when I am home for the summer and have a lot of time on my hands, I tend to sit around and think and think and think. Sometimes I start to think too much and I end up complicating simple situations. I am not proud of that, but it is the truth.

So as I watched my surroundings shift and fade from relaxing seaside, to the great rush of the city to the old familiar mountains and open fields this past week, I became more melancholy. It did not seem right for the sun to be shining so bright and the country side to be so teeming with life. I felt like the weather should be overcast and rainy to match my mood. But as my parents and I drove back into the sleepy little town of Shipman, I was overpowered by the heavenly aroma of honeysuckle, mock orange and freshly cut fields. It was then that I knew I was coming back home to sunshine and happiness instead of dark bitter days. I could feel the sadness melting away and my heart becoming a bit lighter. Somehow I knew that this summer was going to be different than last year.

I am going to try to keep myself busy this summer. I have a long list of projects that I want to do such as home improvements, photo assignments, writing stories, trying new recipes, exercising and reading lots and lots of good books. And of course, I want to spend as much time as possible with my family. I sometimes believe the lie that I cannot have adventures or new stories to tell if I spend most of my time at home, but that is far from the truth. My siblings and I have always had wonderful imaginations and we can dream up all kinds of adventures right here in our yard in the country.

This summer will not be easy. I still miss Brendan everyday and wish that we could be together; but I know that God has plans for both of our lives while we are apart this summer. I miss the city and all of the excitement that traveling brings; but instead of longing to be somewhere else, I need to be thankful for the traveling I have done and the places I have gotten to see and be content with being at home.

We never know where God will be leading us next. I am learning to be content and enjoy where He has me placed today. I hope you are enjoying your summer wherever you may be!


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