October Feels – Apartment Decorations

October is one of my favorite months of the year. This year, Autumn has been my favorite season and I love the change and transformation that occurs during this time. We’re finally starting to have some cooler weather here in South West Virginia and I have welcomed it with open arms. Sweaters, boots, and scarves are what I’m most comfortable in. And of course, let’s not forget about the beauty of pumpkin flavored everything!

As October is quickly coming to a close, I realize that I still haven’t gotten to go to a pumpkin patch and I still have quite a few Halloween movies on my list that I would like to watch. But one thing I was on top of this year was decorating Brendan and my apartment to fit the chaining season.

I started shopping for Autumn/Halloween decorations on September 1st (no joke), the day Target put out their Halloween dollar bin items. I waited until the first day of Autumn to put up the rest of my decorations. I have very much enjoyed the cozy atmosphere of our little apartment this month and I love coming home to all of the decorations.

When I was younger I always dreamed of what it would be like to have my own place and to decorate it however I liked. It brings me so much happiness to be able to do that now.

Here’s a little peak into my apartment and the festive decorations I have out.


















Not pictured are cozy orange lights on my bookshelf, a banner above our windows that says “Happy Halloween”, a pumpkin welcome mat outside our door, and more mini ceramic pumpkins. Do you decorate for Autumn/Halloween?



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