My name is Ashley Blair Smith. I’m a 20 something year-old introverted free spirit who loves her husband, books, coffee, animals, nutrition, journalism, and Jesus.


I started writing Novel Ideas in early 2014, when I needed a creative outlet to share about my college undergraduate adventures, travel experience, and everyday life. Back in those days, I was using this site primarily to share my photos. But as time went on, I realized that I wanted to share more than just photos. I started incorporating little bits of my own creative writing here and there, as well as some recipes and things of that sort.

As I transitioned into my senior year of college and was in the midst of planning my wedding, Novel Ideas got pushed aside and left on the back burner. Regrettably, I went a year without writing a single blog post. It wasn’t until I had graduated, gotten married, and moved to the city with my husband Brendan that I decided to write again.

I toyed with the idea of starting from scratch – coming up with a new blog name, and completely redesigning my site. However, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to undo all of the beautiful work I had done before. So, even though I consider some of my first posts on this site to be irrelevant to what I create now, it serves as a way to look back and see how I have grown and how my tastes and thoughts have matured.

I want Novel Ideas to be a creative outlet where I can share my thoughts, personal writings, recipes, book reviews, tips and tricks on various subjects, health and wellness advice and photos. In addition to these subjects, I would love to know what you would like me to write about. Feedback and ideas are always welcome here.

Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you’re here.






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